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At Gallant Law, we always try to remove the complexity of the legal system for clients. Please feel free to read some articles on the legal areas we specialise in and our Director, Lauren Cassimatis’s, experiences sitting on the Victoria Legal Aid Summary and Indictable Crime panels.

Victorian Property Searches And Your Legal Rights

What are your legal rights when the police arrive unannounced at your home and want to search it?  Victorian Police’s right to search you or your property According to Victoria’s laws, Melbourne or...

Appeals – What Are They And How Do They Work?

When you watch television shows you sometimes see a person appealing a decision made by a court. While it looks easy on TV, in real life, an appeal is a bit more of a process. What is an appeal? An...

Victoria’s Court System Explained

Within Victoria's Court System, there are several different courts and tribunals. Their role is to interpret the law, settle disputes, and impose penalties on those that have broken the law.  The...

Consequences of a Conviction

In Victoria, if you choose to plead guilty or if you are found guilty of a criminal offence you may get a conviction on your record even if you are not facing jail time or paying a fine.  Sentencing...

Getting Caught with Illegal Drugs

It is against the law to use, possess, cultivate or traffic drugs of dependence in Victoria. Common illegal drugs of dependence are: cannabis (marijuana) heroin amphetamines (speed) cocaine LSD MDMA...

Can Police Access Your Social Media Posts?

Social media platforms allow people to stay in touch, connect with people and businesses that they share common interests with, share their business information with, find information, or express...

Compassionate Criminal Lawyers

Compassionate, clear and dedicated.  Are these the words that come to mind when you think of a criminal lawyer? Lauren Cassimatis, our principal director, set out to build Gallant Law on these three...

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