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Social media platforms allow people to stay in touch, connect with people and businesses that they share common interests with, share their business information with, find information, or express their opinion.

With the current restrictions in Melbourne and Geelong it is fair to say that our mobile devices and our social media platforms are probably used more than ever in our interactions with other people right now.

While social media and our digital devices connect us, they also provide a wealth of information about us and our habits which could be used against us. It is important to know your rights when it comes to your digital information.

Social media and privacy

It is difficult to argue that a social media user has a right to privacy as social media platforms are considered public forums. You should always exercise caution when posting. Once a post has been made public, it is usually possible to find the public record of it somewhere even if you, the poster, deleted it.

Police access to your social media posts

Police and lawyers are generally allowed to use public posts as evidence against the person who posted it.
Victorian law allows police to also access to your private digital information. The police can seize and search your computer or mobile device for emails, social media posts, or other digital information if they have a legally sufficient reason to search your devices for evidence of a crime.

Any time you are asked to cooperate with the police, it is wise to obtain legal advice from a criminal lawyer before you provide any information.

Keep your digital information protected

Setting your social media accounts to private can help keep your digital information safe. In addition, sending private messages rather than posting messages on open forums whether to someone you know or a business you support, can open the door to your digital information.

Always exercise caution when adding people to view your social media accounts. Make sure you know them personally. If you don’t you are allowing access to your account to someone who you can not confirm is who they say they are.

Think before you post anything whether publicly or privately as you leave a digital footprint.

Providing information to the police

As local defence lawyers in Melbourne and Geelong, we understand how overwhelming being asked to provide information to the police is. While you might think your digital assets and information are protected, it’s important to seek legal advice before responding to any police request to ensure your interests are protected.

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