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In this short video, our partner Lauren discusses the basics of when you should contact a lawyer.

Below is a transcript if you prefer to read it!

“If you’re charged with an offence, if police have served charges on you, give us a call before you’re looking at going to court. 

Sometimes the court date can be listed a month away, but it’s always good to get on top of it immediately. 

Other times you might have police leaving you a card at your door or giving you a knock on the door and wanting to interview you. Give us a call again, because you’re more than entitled to those rights of having representation before interviewed, and I always highly recommend getting that advice so you’re well-equipped before answering any police questions.

If it’s not a criminal matter, for instance, a quasi-criminal matter like a disciplinary proceeding, again, as soon as the inkling that that’s about to occur, give us a call and we can advise you and take you through the entire process. 

If you’ve got a loved one that you’re suspecting is committing offences and you don’t know what’s going on and how to deal with it, again, we can walk you through it too and take you from the starting point to the very end, which is if they’re acquitted of a charge at a hearing or if they’re pleading guilty and there’s a sentence. We’ll be there for you every step.”

Nothing in this video or blog post is to be taken as legal advice in any way. For help with your matter, please contact us directly.

As always, if you are seeking legal advice regarding a criminal matter, Gallant Law can assist you through this difficult time on 03 8374 7657.